What are Black Ice Slipmats and how do they work?
Black ice Slipmats are the newest innovation in slipmat technology, bringing you an unparalleled amount of slip without sacrificing control. Black Ice is a unique blend of 2 separate layers, one made of a stiffened felt, one an ultra-thin plastic material, designed to allow for quicker queueing and additional slide for all DJing styles and platter-manipulation techniques. Cut with a 1/4" narrower diameter than most slipmats, Black Ice can eliminate the frustration caused by grabbing the slipmat while changing records. Black Ice Slipmats can be used by any DJ to take their skills to a higher level of expertise. Mixing, cutting, blending, scratching and juggling will never be the same.

What would you say you do here, exactly?
We are Lime Green Shirt LLC. We do 2 things. We make Black Ice Slipmats, the best slipmats on the market, and we have been known to throw down some records from time to time. You can check out Lime Green Shirt LLC on to learn more. Also, join us on Facebook at the Black Ice Slipmats Fan page.

How can I contact you with general questions?
It is easiest to reach us via electronic transmission at lgs@doitonice.com

What if I want to carry Black Ice in my store?
Please contact distribution at distribution@doitonice.com

Black Ice Slipmats, its trademarks and associated logos are property of Lime Green Shirt LLC