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Black Ice Slipmats
The newest version of Black Ice Slipmats are cut a 1/4" narrower in diameter than a standard slipmat, eliminating the frustration caused by grabbing the slipmat while changing records. Designed to allow for quicker cueing and additional slide for all DJing styles and platter-manipulation techniques. Mixing, cutting, blending, scratching and juggling will never be the same.

Packages consist of (2) Slipmats and (3) layers of Black Ice material.
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Scratch 45
Re-purposed from rejected vinyl** pressings, the Scratch 45 is a full-sized 12 vinyl adapter that will allow you to cue, mix, and scratch 7 and 45 RPM records like never before. A rubber, non-slip material locks the 45 in place, allowing the DJ to manipulate the record as though it were a full 12. It can be used with or without a traditional 45 adapter*. Do it on ice. The new Black Ice Scratch 45.

*45 adapter not included.
**Vinyl may have scratches or other cosmetic defects that will in no way affect the product's performance. This is normal as it is re-purposed.
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